About the Filmmakers

Liz Morrison – Director, Producer, Editor


Liz is a versatile video producer and digital strategist who specializes in content for nonprofits and social causes. She started her career in non fiction and reality television, working on shows for PBS, the Discovery Channel, and Bravo. In 2012, Liz jumped to web video working as a Video Producer on President Obama’s reelection campaign.  She then joined the team at Idealist.org creating content to help propel the Idealist mission. Liz now works with the AirbnbNYC campaign, helping to build support for home sharing throughout New York City. This is Liz’s directorial debut, and her first short documentary. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her black cat Indy.

Katherine Rodriguez – Associate Producer, Editor


Katherine strives to capture human interaction and its impact on the world through the visual medium. She graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2013 with a degree in Visual Journalism. She currently works at Idealist.org as as Associate Video Producer.

Mike Sayre – Composer


Mike Sayre began singing and playing piano at the age of five, and at 10 began lessons on the French Horn. He started playing in orchestras and writing music of his own two years later. In addition to a deep knowledge of the Classical and Romantic repertoire, he also draws from Jazz, pop, electronic music, and sound design. As a film composer working in NYC, he has composed original music for several independent filmmakers in the area, and works with NYC-based composer Marcelo Zarvos on shows for Showtime and CBS. He’s also done branding work for nonprofits. Mike holds a Bachelor’s in Music and Media Technology from Ball State University and a Master’s in French horn performance from Rutgers University. In addition to composing, he is active as a freelance Horn player in the New York area. He currently lives in NYC with his wife, Tracy.

Celeste Hamilton Dennis  – Executive Producer

Celeste grew up in Levittown, New York and only recently realized how special that was. By day, she’s an editor at Idealist.org. By night, she’s a fiction writer currently at work on a book of short stories linked by her hometown.

Craig Dennis  – Executive Producer

Craig married into Levittown. He is a software engineer / mentor / do-gooder/ teacher at Treehouse who is trying to make this world a wee bit better than it was yesterday. He is also proficient in dad jokes.

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