Crying. Still Crying. Thanks for the Tears.

What an emotional past couple of weeks this has been! On October 9 Celeste and I brought our second beautiful baby girl, Marvi, into this world. The day after she was born was our four year wedding anniversary. During our anniversary, while snuggling our newest little cuddlebot in the hospital, an amazing thing started happening: Avi’s video got picked up by the Reddit community and it started going viral.


Not only were the views and the Fundly donations skyrocketing, but people were deeply moved by Avi as a person. Comment after comment kept pouring in about how we needed more folks like Avi in the world. It was a bizarrely meta thing to celebrate the life Celeste and I were creating together, while holding a life we just created, and watching a dream we created come to be known by the world. I don’t think I have ever cried in so many directions at once.

Even now, I *still* cry every time I watch the video. When I first pitched the idea of filming the cash mob to Liz, I told her she just needed to meet this Avi guy in order to understand why we would be doing such a thing. She obviously figured it out, and her and Kat so perfectly captured his presence as if they’d known him for years. And I’m not the only one who thinks they did an amazing job – the comments speak for themselves.

AviCraig copy

The cash mob and the resulting reaction is more than I ever dreamed possible, and it is all due to the amazingly talented people on this project, especially Liz, Kat, Mike, and Celeste. Sure, I had the cash mob idea, but it was really Celeste who did all the organizing, planning, and motivating that made it a success.

A big thank you also to everyone who has shared and continues to spread the love for Avi around the world. Y’all gonna make me cry, over and over. Avi is so humbled, and doesn’t really know what to do with himself. He feels very alive and thanks all of you for the support. Expect to hear more from him very soon.

– Craig

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