Avi Around the World

Tonight we had the huge honor of being featured on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. They really captured the community feel of Levittown, and how the town came together to celebrate Avi.

It seems fitting that ABC World News wanted to do this story, because this film has really gone worldwide. After less than week, more than 363,000 people have watched “Cash Mob For Avi.” People from Germany, Japan, and India have left messages wishing Avi well.

YouTube has some cool features to see data on who is watching your videos. People from all over the globe hit play. Right now, we have views logged from 160 countries.


Overview by country as of 10/15/2014

We have the most views from the following countries:

Number of Views:


Top views by country as of 10/15/2014

Not everyone watches the entire 10:00 minutes. These countries had that highest audience retention rate, meaning they watched most of the film.

Top Audience Retention Rate:


Top Audience Retention Rate as of 10/15/14

I love thinking about the man in South Sudan, or the woman in Kyrgyzstan watching this film. What do they think of Avi? Do they know other “candymen” who work long days but take so much pride in their work? Will they celebrate that person in some way?

When we decided to make this film, we hoped that it would inspire more people to do random acts of kindness for small businesses in their community. Knowing that message is spreading across the world makes this process that much more meaningful.

Thank you to everyone from around the globe who has shared Avi’s story. Keep the good deeds coming!

– Liz